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We’re Still Here For You

Simple, Confidential Telemedicine

Telehealth is a doctor’s appointment, just over secure video chat instead of in person. While it isn’t perfect, it is very convenient. Even during the best of times, it can help persons with weak immune systems to minimize their risk of infection. If telehealth is appropriate for you then you can use your own computer, from your own home, and help your family and yourself to stay healthy during the COVID-19 crisis.

We use Doxy.me to provide HIPAA-compliant telemedicine. It runs on all major browsers and platforms. No software download is necessary.

Tips For a Better Appointment

1. Internet

Cell signals and hotspots typically do not provide sufficient bandwidth for encrypted audio and video.

A computer with WiFi or Ethernet is strongly suggested.

2. Video

Please use a laptop or tablet.

Small cell phone screens will not give you a good view.

3. Audio

Earbuds or headphones will give you better sound quality.

They also frequently include microphones which are better than that built into your computer.

4. Software

Update your browser to the latest version.

Quit unnecessary applications to maximize connectivity and free up memory.

Consider restarting your device.

5. Test Your Connection

Click below to test your computer's video, audio, internet connection, and software ahead of your appointment.

6. Low Contrast Background = Less Video ‘Noise’

We want to see you.

Your computer will compress the video it sends. If your background has bright colors, patterns, or movement then your computer will ‘assume’ that part of your video is more important or interesting, so your own picture will be of lower quality.

7. Quiet Environment

We want to hear you.

Background noise—television, music, dishwasher, other people talking—will make you harder to hear.